About Us

Technogreen for industrial production (IND) as a member of Technogreen group is a leading Egyptian company working in the field of Agribusiness. Founded in 1988,and located in Cairo with branches in all over Egypt, with a very solid geographical coverage in the Egyptian market. As a part of our mission in developing and modernizing the region agricultural outputs, we were able to develop the latest innovation in crop nutrition putting quality as our main reference. With high qualified staff working in different departments, we are able to provide full service and supporting activities to our business partners. A team of agro-chemical research and development experts enables us to have the competitive advantage of satisfying the changing market requirement with innovative high quality products. Our production facilities are capable of supplying the agricultural markets in the region with a portfolio of distinguished chemically formulated fertilizers. Our position in the Egyptian market has enabled us to have a strategic alliance with international leading companies in fertilizers industry. Since its establishment, Technogreen (IND) experienced a steady financial growth, which proves successful long term strategies deployed by the company. Technogreen (IND) is an ISO and REACH certified company since 2010.



Our vision is to become one of the region’s leading producers of various crop nutrition, through fulfilling the huge market gaps in the world food supply, providing high quality products to our customers, value to our partners and shareholders, challenging and funny environment for our employees.




Our mission is to satisfy our business partners’ productivity and profitability needs through providing the latest innovation in crop nutrition putting quality as our main reference.
We believe that through working closely with our partners in product development and training, we can succeed in changing the customer way of doing business to a more profitable model.