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Zinc EDTA is the best way to provide the plant with Zinc element via direct application especially in alkaline, calcareous & saline soil where EDTA keeps firmly the chelation of Zinc element & works efficiently at soil PH 4-9.



Welcome to Technogreen Web Site

We wish to extend an invitation of warm greetings to all the visitors of our website; producers, commercial agents, distributors, growers, retailers, and potential future employees for allowing us to open the gate to a new world of opportunities. 
Founded in 1988, Technogreen Group is a leading Egyptian group of companies working in the field of Agribusiness. Capitalizing on its outstanding long-lasted experience, Technogreen aims at a continuous contribution to the development and modernizing of the Egyptian agricultural outputs. Technogreen has proven a solid track record in supplying the Egyptian market with a portfolio of distinguished high-end compound fertilizers, hybrid seeds and irrigation equipments imported from the most internationally recognized vendors with dominant products in global markets aiming at filling the existing market gaps. It also provides the global market with the best fresh Agro-products grown in its farms

Technogreen Management Team