Technogreen for agricultural projects is a leader company in modern irrigation systems. Established in 1988, Technogreen for Agricultural Projects was the first Agribusiness segment the group started in. Through years of experience, we were able to build a strong base of knowledge and consultation in the field of modern irrigation, while being the Agents of 12 multinational corporations; we will surely meet your needs with the highest expected level.
Technogreen provides its customers with the Design, Supplies and installation for all types of irrigation systems and services to meet the farms’ demands as well as landscaping for Villas, gardens and green areas.
Technogreen is keen to maintain a strong after sales service and maintenance to meet its customer’s expectations.

Irrigation Systems:


John Deere


Specialist in tubing (PE), mini & midi sprinklers, emitters and mist sprayers and its accessories.





Dorot is a leader in Automatic Control Valves for the Irrigation Market including: Drip Irrigation, Greenhouses, Turf, and Landscape.





Producers of drip emitters, filtration (manual and automatic), Irrigation fittings, micro-sprinklers, fittings and Landscape (Professional micro-irrigation & Turf irrigation).